2018-10-18 / Viewpoint

Rariden letter was inaccurate and offensive

Ms. Rariden has proven yet again that the voters in Grand Blanc Township did the right thing by previously voting her out of office due to her continued, ridiculous comments. It’s clear that she does not represent myself nor the majority of township residents. In last week's edition, her letter was off base, inaccurate and frankly offensive in nature. She claimed that we should vote for a woman simply because they are on the ballot, while she herself proves the opposite.

I agree that women are woefully underrepresented in government and such candidates shouldn't be discredited by voters simply based on their sex or gender, but neither should it be the sole reason for voting for them.

I also took exception to her implied comments that all men running for office, particularly Republicans, seem to be sexual predators and that they support such crimes. Her extreme, dangerous and inaccurate generalizations are laughable. I will admit that things in Washington are severely broken, as in politics at all levels and society at large, and we are definitely in need of a long overdue set of national conversations on the subject regarding the poor treatment of girls/women in our country. And it does begin at the ballot box.

However, I continue to vote for the 'best' candidate regardless of their sex/gender or political affiliation and I suggest the readers of this paper do the same. In my mind, it begins with candidates who are capable of showing respect for others with whom we work and who we represent.

Glen Adams,
Grand Blanc Township

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